Early Supports & Services

Why Start Early

While every child develops differently, if your child is not meeting the milestones for his or her age, or if you think there could be a problem, it is important to act early.

The first three years of life are unlike any other time. A child is experiencing phenomenal changes as they move from being a newborn baby relying on others for all their needs to being a walking, talking, playing, three-year-old. Children are developing their motor skills, cognitive skills, self-help, language and social-emotional skills. Many families find that they have concerns about some aspect of their child’s development.

There is no cost to families and no stigma associated with early intervention services. Families from all walks of life have utilized early supports and services for their children. Here are some reasons for seeking services when you have concerns:

Brain Development
The first three years of life offer a window of opportunity to make the most of your child's potential. New scientific research has given us empirical evidence about the importance of the early years. Scientists have used brain imaging showing us that what happens to a child, or doesn’t happen for a child, in the first three years influences the actual development of the child’s brain.

If you think there could be a problem with the way your child plays, learns, speaks, or acts, you may also notice resulting behavior. For example, a two year old who cannot express his/her needs may become frustrated and resort to prolonged tantrums or even withdraw. By starting early we can prevent secondary problems from emerging. With help, children can be spared the secondary problems associated with any delay in development.

School Readiness
Children are developing rapidly at this age. Don't wait for school to begin to seek help with your child's development. Children whose developmental difficulties are identified early can receive help so that they are more ready to learn and more successful when they enter school.

Support for Parents
As a parent, you know your child best. It is natural for parents to have questions about development and how to manage different stages their child may go through. While family, friends and pediatricians are great resources when development follows a typical course, a developmental specialist is more likely to have experience with developmental delays and have reliable strategies to suggest.

Developmental Evaluation
It helps answer important questions. Often parents tell us that they don’t know whether they should be concerned or not. Our team of specialists can offer an in-depth evaluation of your child. A developmental evaluation provides solid information about where a child’s skills are in comparison to what is expected at his or her age.

For more information on the importance of starting early, developmental milestones for each age, and to "Learn The Signs" visit the Center for Disease Prevention's website.

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