Early Supports & Services

The Process

The typical steps in the process of early supports & services usually follow this path:

  • A concern regarding child's development is identified.
  • A referral is made to Monadnock Developmental Services by a parent, physician or other community member.
  • MDS makes an appointment to inform the family about services and to complete the application.
  • The family makes a choice about where they will receive services (Rise . . . for baby and family or Easter Seals).
  • When Rise receives the referral from MDS we make a home visit to conduct the Developmental Evaluation to determine eligibility.

When a child is found eligible.

  • Parents and the evaluation team develop an IFSP (Individual Family Support Plan) and services begin.
  • Services are reviewed in six months. Program plan and/or goals are revised as needed.
  • Child is re-evaluated as needed and goals are updated every six months.
  • A transition process begins no later than the age of two to prepare for services for the child after the age of three.
  • A child graduates on his/her 3rd birthday, or earlier if their goals are achieved.
  • If a child is eligible for Special Education, appropriate services begin at age three.

If a child is found not eligible.

  • Developmental activities may be recommended.
  • Child may be referred to another appropriate community services.
  • Re-check in six months may be scheduled, if indicated.




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